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Weather Products

COAMPS wind biasWorldWinds, Inc. was developed through a cooperative venture with the U.S. Navy and NASA to combine satellite-derived information and land information into a map of the world's weather. The weather product is a result of numerical weather models that assimilate all available data (e.g. meteorological data, satellite-derived winds) using state-of-the-art techniques such as 3 dimensional variational analysis (3DVAR), 4 dimensional variational analysis (4DVAR) and multivariate optimum interpolation (MVOI). These techniques inherently have quality control checks to identify bad data that would subsequently contaminate the forecasts. Forecasts are currently completed twice daily and archived for future use, although forecasts can be produced more frequently.

WorldWinds' expertise includes computational simulation and analysis of the atmosphere and ocean. Atmospheric modeling capabilities include: 1) The U. S. Navy's Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System (COAMPS), a non-hydrostatic model that uses MVOI; 2) The Mesoscale Meteorology Model Version 5 (MM5), a non-hydrostatic model that uses 4DVAR; 3) The Weather Research and Forecast Model (WRF), a next-generation mesoscale prediction system.

WRF is the next generation weather forecast model and assimilation system. These models can be applied to most regional areas and various output parameters can be forecasted.

WorldWinds' weather forecast parameters include:

  • wind vectors
  • temperatures
  • atmospheric pressure
  • relative humidity
  • vertical velocity
  • total precipitation
  • convective precipitation
  • liquid precipitation
  • snow precipitation
  • cloud percentages

Katrina_NOAAThese parameters are available at numerous vertical levels from the surface to approximately 100,000 ft.