Drought Recovery – Rainfall Deficit in Inches

WorldWinds has developed the “Rainfall Deficit (inches)” product as a tool for drought recovery discussions. This product uses radar-estimated rainfall totals, that are bias corrected by rain gauge observations, and compares it to the climatological norm (30 year average, 1971-2000) for that time frame. This will allow the broadcaster to convey local variations in rainfall deviations (in inches) from climatology. Displaying a 30-day deficit could help signal the beginnings of a drought in an area, or signal the relief of a drought in an area, as well as convey the current effects on an agricultural season.  While it does not take into account climate and soil properties, the deficit can be used as a rough estimate for the rainfall needed to end an area’s drought.  Rainfall deficit is updated daily for 30-day, 90-day, 180-day, and 365-day time frames .