Operational Application of Composited MODIS Chlorophyll

Jelley, B., E. Valenti, 2009: Operational Application of Composited MODIS Chlorophyll-a, 2009 IEEE Oceans ’09 Conference, Biloxi, MS

Operational Application of Composited MODIS Chlorophyll-a

WorldWinds, Inc. and NASA MSFC SPoRT developed a daily Chlorophyll–a composite product from NASA’s MODIS satellite data to aid in the development of a system to track favorable conditions of certain pelagic fish species. This data has been applied in the XMWX commercial weather product which provides live, site specific atmospheric and oceanographic information to motorists, boaters, outdoorsmen, commercial mariners, and emergency personnel. Graphical user data is continuously transmitted over the XM satellite radio constellation in GIS format overlaid on a GPS enabled 3D relief map.

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