Baron Weather Brochure

Respond to severe weather with agility and insight

Severe weather brings intense pressure for those entrusted with the public’s safety. Every second counts. Timely and accurate weather information can be the difference in
preventing the loss of life.

As the site-specific weather expert, Baron Services has developed a powerful new tool to help you minimize the effects of bad weather. Using the same technology employed by broadcast meteorologists, Baron Mobile Threat Net™ delivers real-time, comprehensive weather data to your laptop or tablet PC whenever you need it. Thanks to its highly sophisticated and highly specific weather information, public safety agencies and emergency response personnel can make fast, accurate and informed decisions on the fly. Yet, it is so intuitive and easy to understand, any business with a need to protect its customers or employees from dangerous weather can benefit from it.

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The most comprehensive on-board weather

As the site-specific weather expert, WxWorx™ lets you enjoy your time on the water with out wondering – or worrying – what the weather will do. Using the same weather data broadcast by meteorologists to more than 235 million people nationwide, web ring real -time, comprehensive weather data to your boat – or to your finger tips – whenever you need it.

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