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High-Performance Computing

WorldWinds' Slidell facility is very well suited to host high performance servers and clusters for atmospheric, hydrologic, and wave spectra modeling. The building has served as a NASA computing facility and a site for Department of Defense's Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) location in it's past and was built to be "always on". The building has been hosting mission critical computing equipment since 1962. Features included for computing support consist of:

  • Building power supply from multiple feeds
  • Full-building uninterruptible power supply (UPS) batteries capable of sustaining operations for up to 12 hours, including power for cooling systems
  • Generator power from a 2 MW diesel-powered, auto-on system, tested weekly
  • Diesel supply to run the generator for 8 days on hand at all times
  • Redundant cooling towers
  • Underground fiber optic network terminals
  • Environmental monitoring with 24 by 7 building maintenance personnel alert

The Slidell, LA site did continue full operations during and after Hurricane Katrina even though the area suffered a direct strike by a major landfalling hurricane.

This location hosts three HPC clusters designed, configured, and maintained by WorldWinds. The equipment ranges from Dell to HP; first generation Intel Xeon to the latest Intel 5600 series processors. Total number of processor cores for cluster computing is currently over 700 and more space is available to allow for future expansion.

WorldWinds' newest cluster computing addition was designed with ADCIRC simulation performance in mind. The system can run a 5 day simulation on a 2.5 million node mesh in 75 minutes.