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WorldWinds, Inc. was established in May 2000 as a spin-off of User Systems Enterprises, Inc. WorldWinds, Inc. is a privately held, women-owned, small business located at the Stennis Space Center in southern Mississippi and is a founding member of the Mississippi Space Commerce Initiative (MSCI). The MSCI was established in 1997 to promote commercial remote sensing in the state of Mississippi. Through this partnership, WorldWinds, Inc. maintains continuous working relationships with the nationally recognized Mississippi State University Engineering Research Center, the U.S. Navy Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command, the Naval Research Laboratory and the NASA Commercial Remote Sensing Program Office.

The WorldWinds Staff has experience running the following numerical models:

  • The Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System (COAMPS) - a non-hydrostatic mesoscale weather model.
  • The Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF) - a next-generation weather prediction system.
  • The NCAR/Penn State Mesoscale Model Version 5 (MM5) - a non-hydrostatic mesoscale weather model.
  • WaveWatch III - an ocean wave model.
  • ADvanced CIRCulation Model (ADCIRC) - a coastal circulation model and storm surge model spatially employing the finite element method allowing the use of flexible, unstructured computational grids.

In addition to running the above numerical models, WorldWinds has conducted validation studies of high-resolution model wind forecasts in the near-coastal zones of Louisiana and Mississippi. This work has been primarily for the U.S. Navy. The WorldWinds team has been trained to process weather data, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data and associated end-user products.

The present commercial product line was developed through a cooperative venture with the U.S. Navy and NASA. WorldWinds combines information from a constellation of polar orbiting space RADARS with multiple mesoscale meteorological models (via data assimilation techniques) to produce highly accurate weather and sea-state forecasts. The company's cutting edge facilities include a Beowulf class Linux Cluster, multiple NT workstations, a NOAA Family of Services (FOS) satellite feed and access to the Navy's Major Shared Resource Supercomputing Center.

WorldWinds provides clients with their choice of a product or service that best suits their individual needs. Clients may contract with WorldWinds for customized consulting support and analysis of weather and remotely sensed data.